CC's Quality GS Portrait Tutorial
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Numerous people have asked me about the complex techniques of artistic style that I implement, regarding my GemStone III/IV character portraits. Though I was hesitant at first, I have agreed to disclose many of my trade secrets. The following is a step-by-step illustrated tutorial with which you too can create stunning and memorable pieces of GemStone IV history.

First off, a list of the programs that I use for my creations:

Microsoft Paint v5.1

Microsoft Notepad v5.1

As you can see, having an extensive repetoire of suites at your disposal is of utmost importance in order to properly focus the sunlight of your talent upon the dried leaf of artistry via the magnifying glass of the internet.

My mind is a blank slate.

After speaking with your subject to get a proper 'look' description of the character, the next step is to load up Paint and create your canvas. I use a 500x500-pixeled .gif file for maximum artistic freedom. We will be using the portrait of Atoyoz for our example:

Atoyoz is tall.

Next, using a single-pixel wide pencil tool, draw out a basic body shape. Carefully keep in mind the character's description when carrying out this step.

Facial features.

Continuing along with the body, fill in the character's facial features. This includes eyes, hair, and any other traits that you feel are significant.

Check out the fancy duds.

Clothes are oftentimes used in my portraits. The proceeding step allows for a bit of creativity from the artist with their choices from the character's inventory. Here, we see Atoyoz's lovely gold medal, black bodice, and green skirt.

The mark of an artist.

Finally, I add the trademark 'CC' logo to the bottom-right corner of the canvas in order to sign my latest work of art.

And there you have it. By following the above steps, you'll be well on your way toward the great pantheon of Elanthian Artistry, mingling among the annals of history.

Final Product

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