CC's Quality GemStone IV Scripts

Animal Companion Command: A simple script for Rangers to command their animal compantions.

Usage is: [.com] to cast 630 to call your companion, or
[.com <command name>] to issue a command.

Council of Light: General utility script for the CoL. For movement sections, start the script in common town areas, town chapter areas, darkness drop-off points, and other areas. Information sections best viewed with a fixed-width font.

Usage is: [.council] for movement,
[.council signs] for list of abilities,
[.council <ability name>] for details on an ability,
[.council <solhaven | vaalor>] for answers,
[.council info] for general information, or
[.council version] for version info/contact information.

Darkstone Castle: Script for getting in, out, and around Darkstone Castle. Start it around the North Gate, West Gate, the garden niche, the small park, TSSW, TSC, and many other locations around Darkstone itself. Requires %weapon, %sheath, and %container variables to be set.

Usage is: [.darkstone] for movement, or
[.darkstone <destination>] for movement with location.
(where <destination> is gargoyles, golems, banshees, sentinels, roa'ters, trollkings, or bye.)

Herbs: Information and movement script containing extensive data on curing agents in all towns.

Usage is: [.herbs] for help,
[.herbs all] to list all cures in all locations,
[.herbs <WL/RR/SH/IM/PF/KD/ZL/TI/TV>] to list all cures from a given area,
[.herbs <head/body/limbs/nerves>] to list all cures that can be used for a general body location,
[.herbs <body part+W/S+1/2/3>] to list cures needed for a specific injury (i.e. .herbs headW2), or
[.herbs <full herb name>] to list the function of a particular cure (i.e. .herbs Dacra'sDreamAle).
[.herbs shop] to move from common town areas to the nearest herb shop, or vice versa.

Ranger Guild Navigation: Movement script to move between common town areas and the various Ranger Guilds. Now fortified with River's Rest support!

Usage is: [.ranguild] to move between town and the Guilds.
(Remember to edit lines 112-119 with your own Ranger Guild Entrance Key.)

Scroll Reading: Script to cycle through and read all scroll types in/on/behind/under a given item.

Usage is: [.scroll <location> <item>] to check scrolls in location.
(i.e.: .scroll in my vest, .scroll on arcana table)

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